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    Wi-Fi Management

    Enabling Wi-Fi and Connecting to a Network:

    1. While viewing the home screen, slide the notification bar down
    2. Tap the "Settings" icon depicted as a cog
    3. Tap the On/Off switch associated with "Wi-Fi" to enable the feature
    4. Tap "Wi-Fi". A list of detected networks will be shown. (Note: if a network is not listed, you can add it manually by pressing the "menu" icon > "Add network")
    5. Tap the Wi-Fi network that you wish to connect to. If the network is secured, enter the required network key or password
    6. Tap "Connect"

    Preventing Notifications from Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks:

    1. Open the notification panel
    2. Tap the "Settings" button and enable Wi-Fi if necessary
    3. Tap "Wi-Fi"
    4. Press and hold the unsecured Wi-Fi network that you wish to prevent notifications from
    5. Tap "Block network notifications"
    6. In order to unblock an unsecured Wi-Fi network, press and hold it again, and select "Unblock network notification"

    Connecting to Wi-Fi via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

    If you wish to connect your device to your Wi-Fi router that features WPS, you can do the following:

    1. Open the notification panel and tap "Settings"
    2. If necessary, tap the "Wi-Fi" switch to enable Wi-Fi connectivity
    3. Tap "Wi-Fi", then tap the "menu" icon > "WPS Push"
    4. Press the "WPS" button on your Wi-Fi router

    Disconnecting from a Wireless Network:

    1. In the notifications panel, tap the "Settings" icon
    2. Tap "Wi-Fi" and then perform one of the following steps:
      • Tap the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to and select "Disconnect"
      • To disconnect and remove the settings for a network, press and hold the network's name and then select "Forget network"

    Connecting to a Different Wi-Fi Network:

    1. In the notifications panel, tap the "Settings" button
    2. Select "Wi-Fi"
    3. Select a different network than the current one and connect to it

    Automatically Log Into a Public Wi-Fi Network (WISPr):

    You can set your handset to automatically connect to public Wi-Fi networks, by adding in your login credentials to the WISPr settings:

    1. Slide the notifications panel open
    2. Tap "Settings"
    3. Press "Wi-Fi" and then tap the "menu" button > "Advanced"
    4. Select "Auto login" under "WISPr settings"
    5. Tap "WISPr account settings" and then tap "Add a new account"
    6. Enter the provider name, your login name, password and any additional details
    7. Tap "menu" and then "Save"
    8. Enable Wi-Fi connectivity and then connect to a public network

    Wi-Fi Printing

    Your Desire 500 can use Wi-Fi to connect to a supported printer. To print an email, document etc. follow the steps below:

    1. Access the desired app (such as Calendar or Mail) and open the item that you wish to print
    2. Tap the "menu" button and select "Print", or "More" > "Print" depending on the app
    3. On the Print menu, select the printer that you wish to use
    4. Set the page range and optionally, tap "Advanced" to set the print layout, page orientation and other printing settings
    5. When ready, tap "Print". The printing details will then be shown in the notifications panel

    Printing a Photo from the Gallery:

    1. Access the "Gallery" application
    2. Open the photo that you wish to print, and then tap it
    3. Tap the "menu" button > "Print"
    4. Select the printer that you wish to use and then tap "Print"

    Adding a Printer Manually:

    By default, your device should automatically be able to show the list of printers connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If the desired printer does not appear in the list, you can add it manually by performing the following:

    1. On the "Print" screen (after selecting to print a document / photo etc), tap "Add printer"
    2. Enter the IP address of the printer and select a port
    3. Tap "Next" and select the printer model and manufacturer
    4. Tap "Save". The printer should now appear in the list. (If not, then chances are that step 2 did not complete correctly and you should contact the network administrator)

    See More: HTC Desire 500: Wi-Fi Connectivity – Connecting, Printing

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