Enabling / Disabling Automatic Screen Rotation:

  1. Open the notification panel
  2. Tap the "Settings" icon
  3. Tap "Display, gestures & buttons"
  4. Mark or clear the "Auto rotate screen" check box

Adjusting the Time Before the Screen Turns Off:

  1. Open the notifications panel and tap the "Settings" icon
  2. Tap "Display & buttons" and then select "Sleep"
  3. Tap the desired period of time after which the screen turns off

Adjusting the Screen Brightness Manually:

  1. Open the notifications panel and tap the "Settings" button
  2. Select "Display, gestures & buttons"
  3. Tap "Brightness"
  4. Clear the "Automatic brightness" check box
  5. Drag the brightness slider to the desired level, and then confirm the changes

Changing the Display Language:

  1. In the notifications panel, tap "Settings"
  2. Select "Language & keyboard", then tap "System language"
  3. Select the language that you wish to use

Installing a Digital Certificate:

  1. Save the certificate file to the root folder of your handset's storage card
  2. Access the "Settings" menu and tap "Security"
  3. Press "Install from storage"
  4. In case there are multiple certificates in the root folder, select the one that you wish to install
  5. Type in the name for the certificate and tap "OK"

Protecting the SIM Card with a PIN:

  1. Open the "Settings" menu and tap "Security"
  2. Tap "Set up SIM card lock" and then select "Lock SIM card"
  3. Type in the default SIM card PIN and then press "OK"
  4. To change the SIM card PIN, tap "Change SIM PIN"

Protecting Your Device with a Screen Lock:

  1. Open the notifications panel and tap "Security"
  2. Tap "Screen lock" and then select the desired screen lock option
  3. Tap "Lock phone after" and then specify the amount of idle time after which you wish your device to automatically lock

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