Creating and Managing Folders:

As with most Android smartphones out there, the HTC One Mini allows you to group folders into apps. With Sense 5 and up, you can also create folders within the apps drawer

  1. Press and hold the app that you wish to add into a folder
  2. Drag the app on top of a different app that you also wish to be moved in the same folder. (The folder will be created automatically)
  3. Tap the folder to open it
  4. To add more apps, press the "+" icon and select the applications that you wish to add
  5. Press "Done"
  6. To rename a folder, tap to open it, press the folder's title bar and enter a new name, then tap outside the folder

Adding a Home Screen Panel:

While Sense 5 arrives with the BlinkFeed home screen, you can still add regular home screens that can be freely customized with widgets and app shortcuts. To add more home screen panels:

  1. Go into "Settings"
  2. Tap "Personalize"
  3. Press "Customize home screen"
  4. Tap "Add panel"
  5. To remove a panel, press and hold it and then drag it over the "X" button / area

Adding Widgets to the Home Screens:

  1. Access the "Settings" menu and tap "Personalize"
  2. Tap "Customize home screen"
  3. Press the icon depicting a triangle, then tap "Widgets"
  4. Swipe through the list of widgets, or press the "magnifier" icon to search for a specific one
  5. Tap and hold the desired widget, then drag it on top of the desired home screen

  • You can modify basic widget settings (when applicable) by pressing and holding the widget, then dragging it on top of the "Edit" button that appears at the top of the screen
  • To resize a widget, press and hold it, then release your finger. If a border appears around the widget, this indicates that the widget can be resized. Drag the sides of the border to shrink or enlarge the widget

Hiding Missed Calls and Messages on the Lock Screen:

In Sense 5, by default you will be notified on the lock screen that you've missed a call, or received a message. To hide these notifications:

  1. Swipe the status bar down using two fingers, and then tap "Settings"
  2. Tap "Security"
  3. Clear the check box associated with "Phone notification preview" and "Message notification preview"

Changing the Lock Screen Method:

  1. Drag the status bar down using two fingers
  2. Tap "Settings" > "Security"
  3. Tap "Screen lock" and select the desired locking method
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup

Changing the Wallpaper:

While the BlinkFeed home screen does not make use of wallpapers, you can still assign one to your other, regular home screens. To do so:

  1. Access the "Settings" menu by dragging the status bar down using two fingers
  2. Tap "Personalize"
  3. Tap "Wallpaper" and select either "HTC wallpapers", "Live wallpapers", "Computer photos" or "Gallery"
  4. Browse for the desired image, select it and crop it if necessary
  5. Tap "Done" or "Apply"

Changing Ringtones, Notification and Sounds:

  1. Access the "Settings" menu and tap "Personalize"
  2. Under "Sound", select either "Ringtone", "Notification sound" or "Alarm"
  3. From the list of sounds, select the one that you wish to assign

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