The HTC One Mini comes with 23 GB of free Dropbox storage. In order to benefit from this offer, you will need to log in to your Dropbox account using your HTC One Mini (and not a computer or other means).

To set up a new Dropbox account:

  1. Drag the status bar down using two fingers
  2. Tap "Settings" > "Account & Sync"
  3. Tap "+" and then select "Dropbox"
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions in order to sign in to your account, or create a new one
  5. Log in to the Dropbox website at and complete the "getting started" guide.

Sharing Your Files via Dropbox

Uploading Your Gallery Photos and Videos to Dropbox:

  1. Open the "apps drawer" and tap "Gallery"
  2. Select the album that contains the desired media files
  3. Tap "Share" > "Dropbox"
  4. Select the photos and / or videos that you wish to upload, then tap "Next"
  5. Create or select a Dropbox folder, and then tap "Upload"

Auto Uploading Camera Shots:

  1. Open the "Dropbox" app
  2. Tap the "menu" icon depicting three vertical dots
  3. Tap "Settings" > "Turn on Camera Upload"
  4. Select the type of internet connection you wish to use for uploading your camera photos and videos
  5. Tap "Turn on"

Viewing Your Uploaded Photos and Videos from the Gallery:

  1. Open the "Gallery" app
  2. Tap the triangle button and select "Albums" > "Dropbox'
  3. Allow HTC Sense to access Dropbox, by tapping "Allow"
  4. Select the desired album to view its contents

Sharing the Link to Your Dropbox:

  1. While on the Gallery Albums screen, tap "Dropbox"
  2. You can perform one of the following steps:
    • Tap an album to share, then tap "Share"
    • To share a single item, select it to display it, then tap it again and press "Share"
  3. Select the method of sharing the link to your album or photo

Sending Links to Dropbox Files by Email:

  1. Open the "Mail" application
  2. Assuming that you have multiple accounts, select the email account that you wish to use
  3. Create a new email message, enter the recipient's address and write your email message
  4. You can tap "Attach" > "Document" or "Attach" > "File" and select the document / file type
  5. Press the "Back" key on your device and select "Dropbox"
  6. Open the folder containing the desired files, and select the ones that you wish to share
  7. Tap "OK". You should now see a link to the selected files
  8. Tap "Send"

Keeping Your Documents in Dropbox

Saving an Office Document in Dropbox:

  1. Open an Office document
  2. Tap the "Menu" icon and tap "Save as"
  3. Enter a new filename
  4. Tap the triangle icon and press "Dropbox"
  5. Tap "Save"

Editing an Office Document in Dropbox:

  1. Open the "Dropbox" application
  2. Open the folder that contains the desired document
  3. Open the document by tapping it
  4. To edit the document, press the "Edit" icon depicting a pencil and a sheet of paper
  5. After editing the document, press the "save" icon, or tap "Menu" > "Save as"

Unlinking Your Device from Dropbox:

  1. On your computer's web browser, go to
  2. On the right-hand corner of the page, click "Account" or your account name, and then tap "Settings"
  3. Click the "Security" tab and under "My devices", click the "Unlink" option associated with your Android device
  4. Click "Unlink phone"

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