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    The HTC Desire S has been launched more than two and a half years ago, and this means that updates have pretty much stopped rolling on the handset in question. Fortunately, if you're looking to refresh your Desire S with a more up-to-date Android OS, then you can still do so with the help of custom ROMs.

    This is a step-by-step guide that will allow you to install the Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean Carbon ROM. Carbon ROM is not an official release, and it is not related with Google or HTC. Carbon ROM has been developed by XDA developers and is based on Android 4.3.1. It also includes several improvements on the side, including performance enhancements. This is a stable build that should run smoothly on the Desire S, at least according to the developers and users who have tried the software.

    Carbon ROM includes performance enhancements, extra features, a better browsing experience, new Android UI, improved visual elements, improved battery life and much more.


    • This guide is for the HTC Desire S. Do not attempt to apply this ROM / guide to any other smartphone or you risk bricking / damaging it
    • This is not an official ROM. In order to install it, you will need to have a rooted Desire S running the latest CWM recovery image.(TWRP works as well)
    • During the process you will need to apply a factory reset. As such, it's recommended that you backup your data
    • You can use the "Helium", "SMS backup & restore" and "APN Settings Backup & Restore" applications in order to backup app data, text messages and APN settings respectively
    • You can backup your contacts on your Gmail account
    • Before proceeding, you will need to enable USB Debugging from the Developer options menu. To do so, go to "Menu" > "Settings" > "Developer options"
    • Your smartphone needs to have at least 60-70% battery life before proceeding. It's very important that your Desire S does not run out of battery during the flashing process
    • Make sure your USB drivers on your computer are up to date
    • If you are using security programs, it's recommended that you disable them during the flashing process, as they may interfere
    • Don't skip any steps
    • This is an advanced guide. If you damage / brick your phone during the process, you cannot hold the developers or anyone else responsible

    Boot the HTC Desire S in Recovery Mode:

    IMPORTANT: this small guide allows you to reboot your Desire S in recovery mode. You do not need to follow this guide right now, but you will need to refer to it a bit later.

    NOTE: remember that you need to have the latest CWM or TWRP already installed

    1. Go to the Play Store and download > install the "Quick Boot" tool
    2. After the app has been installed, run it
    3. From the menu, select "recovery"
    4. Your smartphone will now reboot in recovery mode

    Installing Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean Carbon ROM on the HTC Desire S:

    1. Download the Android 4.3.1 Carbon ROM by visiting this link
    2. Since the ROM does not include Google apps, you will need to download a separate package from this link
    3. After the files have been downloaded, connect your HTC Desire S to your computer. (Don't unzip the files!)
    4. Copy the downloaded files and paste them onto your phone's SD storage
    5. After the transfer is complete, unplug your smartphone from the USB cable
    6. Reboot your Desire S in recovery mode. Refer to the guide above to do so
    7. You should now create a NANDROID Backup of your current ROM. This means that, if you'll want to return to your current ROM, you will be able to do so by using this backup file. To create a backup, select "backup and restore" and save the file
      • In case you're using TWRP instead of CWM, select "Backup", select the desired data type, name the file and "swipe to backup"
    8. Now, select "data wipeout / factory reset" and select "wipe cache"
    9. Go to "Advanced" and select "Dalvik cache" as well
      • In case you're using TWRP and not CWM: go to "Wipe" > "Advanced" and select "Wipe Cache" and "Dalvik cache". Then, "Swipe to wipe"
    10. After the cache has been wiped, go back to the recovery menu and select "Install zip from SD card". Browse for the Carbon ROM zip file and flash it
    11. Now, select "Install zip from SD card" again, but browse for the Google apps zip file instead
      • If you're using TWRP, tap "Install" instead of "Install zip from SD card"
    12. Once both files have been flashed, select "+++Go Back+++"
    13. From the recovery menu, select "Reboot system now". NOTE: this first reboot after the flashing process may take a while. Please be patient and don't press any buttons.
    14. Congratulations! You can now add your Google account to recover your contacts, and restore the data you have backed up using Helium and the other applications

    IMPORTANT: the first boot may take several minutes, but if it takes more than 10 minutes or if your smartphone is stuck in a boot loop, then something went wrong. You will need to repeat the entire guide without skipping any steps and prerequisites (bullet points above)

    NOTE: If you choose to do so, you can use the NANDROID backup file to restore your previous ROM.

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    Re: HTC Desire S: Install Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean Carbon ROM

    I wasn't able to install the carbon rom .
    I followed all the steps from this tutorial.
    After reboot, a blue screen showed up for a second, then the carbon logo appeared, but the boot never completed.
    After 25 minutes I tried to interrupt it, but i wasn't able to do it using the power button, so I removed the battery.
    Luckily I backed up my previous rom (JellyFireBean with android 4.2.2) and I was able to restore it.
    Then I repeated the process, but again... no luck...
    Any suggestion is appreciated!


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    Re: HTC Desire S: Install Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean Carbon ROM

    This is priceless... bookmarking it for later use..
    IT Rush <my blog

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    Re: HTC Desire S: Install Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean Carbon ROM

    Extract boot.img put it inside inside fastboot folder on ur desktop where u have adb.exe and some dll files and fastboot.exe. Shift right click on d folder run command fastboot flash boot boot.img enter reboot ur device don't forget to it on recovery mode power down key

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