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    When you make an order for HTC phone, the unlocking companies ask you to provide the IMEI number which can be check by dialing *#06# on your phone, or on the sticker under the battery of your phone.

    The second important thing is the code base.

    Many people have problems in choosing the correct one.

    Here are some simple ways to decide which base to choose.

    First of all if you are interested in unlocking your HTC you can do it right here: sim-unlock-net/HTC.

    1. The first method of checking the base is by using this application. HTC tester

    2. If you know exactly when your phone was produced you can check it here:

    old for mobile phones produced before May of 2010

    new base, more expensive is for phones produced after May of 2010

    the latest base, most expensive is for phones produced after November of 2012

    We hope that this will help you make correct and faster orders.

    See More: How to choose the correct code database for HTC models like HTC ONE, Wildfire and more.
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