WARNING! Master resetting (or factory resetting) a smartphone will return its software to default. This means that you will lose all the personal data stored on the internal memory. This includes your custom ringtones, contacts, downloaded content, images, applications etc. Data stored on the SIM card and SD card will not be affected.

Master Resetting Using the Settings Menu:

  1. If necessary, back up your personal data
  2. Tap the "Applications" icon located on the home screen
  3. Go to "Settings"
  4. Scroll to and tap "Backup & reset"
  5. Clear the "Automatic restore" check box, if marked
  6. Tap "Reset phone". In case you have screen lock enabled, enter your PIN / password in order to proceed
  7. Mark the "Erase all data" check box and tap "OK"
  8. Press "OK" once more to confirm your actions

Master Reset Using Hardware Keys:

NOTE: In case your phone prevents you from applying a factory reset from the settings menu, as it crashes, freezes etc. then you can apply a master reset using a combination of hardware keys to enter recovery mode. To do so:

  1. Assuming that is possible, synchronize your files and create backups if necessary
  2. Press and hold the "Power" button and tap "Power off"
  3. With the smartphone shut down, press and hold the "Volume Down" and "Power" buttons at the same time
  4. When you see a screen with Androids, you can release the hardware keys
  5. Press the "Volume Down" button to navigate to and highlight "Factory reset"
  6. Press "Power" to select the option, and wait for the operation to complete

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