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    Installing HTC Sync Manager On Your PC:

    1. Open the Internet browser on your computer, and visit HTC Sync Manager
    2. Download the HTC Sync Manager installer
    3. Open the launcher and follow the on-screen steps to install HSM
    4. Once the installation is complete, connect the Desire 816 to your PC via USB. The smartphone should be detected by HSM

    Transferring Content from an iPhone to the Desire 816 via HSM:

    1. Connect both the Desire 816 and the iPhone to your computer via USB
    2. Launch HTC Sync Manager and click "Home"
    3. Click "Transfer & Backup" > "Get Started"
    4. Use iTunes to create a backup of your iPhone, if you haven't done this already
    5. Click "Next" in HSM and select the iPhone backup file
    6. Click "OK", mark the content that you want to transfer and click "Start"

    Removing or Copying Media Files on Your Phone Using HSM:

    1. Establish a connection between your Desire 816 and computer via USB
    2. In the HTC Sync Manager, select the desired item(s)
    3. Click the "+" symbol to copy the selected media to your phone
    4. To remove the selected media files, click the "-" symbol

    Importing All Media Files From Your Phone via HSM:

    1. Connect the Desire 816 to your computer via USB
    2. If an SD card is installed, click "Home" > "Sync Settings" and choose the location where you want to import the files
    3. If you wish to import music files, click "Music" > "Settings" > "Copy all music from phone"
    4. To import videos and photos, click "Gallery" > "Settings" > "Automatically import photos and videos from phone"
    5. If this is the first time importing files, click "Refresh"

    NOTE: You can also set HSM so that it automatically imports files and syncs data the next time you connect your device. To do so, click "Home" > "Sync Settings" and select "Sync automatically whenever the phone connects"

    Importing Documents from your Computer to the Phone:

    1. Establish a connection between the HTC device and your computer, via USB
    2. To select between the SD card and the internal storage, click "home" > "Sync Settings"
    3. Click "Files" > "Sync Settings"
    4. Select "Sync documents from the following location on this computer"
    5. Click "Add" and choose the folder containing the desired documents
    6. Click "Refresh"

    App and Data Syncing via HTC Sync Manager

    Using HSM, you can sync calendar events, contacts, bookmarks and more, between your smartphone and your Mac or Windows computer.

    On a Windows machine, HTC Sync Manager can sync with Outlook 2003 or more recent, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. On a Mac computer, HTC HSM can sync data from Apple Contacts, Apple Adress Book, Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Safari and Google Chrome.

    Syncing Data Between your Computer and Phone:

    1. Connect your Desire 816 to your PC via USB
    2. Click "Home" > "Sync settings"
    3. Mark the check boxes next to the data that you wish to sync
    4. To customize sync settings for different data types, click "Settings"
    5. If this is the first time syncing, click "Refresh". You can set HSM so that automatically syncs data the next time you connect your device, by going to "Home" > "Sync Settings" > "Sync automatically whenever the phone connects"

    Syncing Playlists Between Your Computer and Smartphone:

    The HTC Sync Manager can sync playlists from Windows Media Player and iTunes, between your computer and smartphone.

    1. Use the USB cable to connect the Desire 816 to your PC
    2. In the Sync Manager, click "Home" > "Sync settings"
    3. Select whether you want to sync data on the SD card or the internal storage
    4. Click "Music" > "Settings" > "Sync selected playlist"
    5. Choose a playlist
    6. Click "Refresh"

    See More: HTC Desire 816: Use HTC Sync Manager to Transfer Content, Sync Playlists, Import Documents and More
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