Scribble is an application in Sense 5.5 which can be used to create pages for digital scrapbooks, to create / edit photos which can be shared on blogs or social networks. Scribble can also be used to add photos created in HTC Zoe and animated gifs, to create digital greeting cards or to create budget tracking lists etc. NOTE: while the Desire 816 does not come with a stylus, the application offers stylus pen support by default.

Creating a Scribble Note:

  1. From the home screen, tap the "Applications" icon
  2. Launch the "Scribble" app
  3. Tap the "+" and select a template
  4. Tap the "Title text here" area and type in a name for the note
  5. Use the available editing tools to record audio, draw figures, write or type in text etc.
  6. You can redo or undo an action by tapping the arrow icons pointing right and left
  7. To change the template, link the note to an event and access additional options, tap the "Menu" icon
  8. When you're ready to save the note, press the "Back" button. (The note will be saved automatically)

Inserting Images in a Scribble Note:

NOTE: you can insert HTC Zoe photos, regular photos, webpage thumbnails and more. To do so:

  1. Open a new Scribble note
  2. To add a photo, tap the "Camera" icon. Then, select a frame and tap the "Shutter" button. You can tap the icon depicting a dotted shape to customize the frame
  3. To insert an image, press "Menu" > "Insert" > browse for and tap the desired image
  4. You can insert a webpage thumbnail by pressing "Menu" > "Web content". Then, open the "Internet" app, and press "Menu" > "Share" > "Scribble" to import the webpage content to Scribble
  5. To resize, move or remove an item in Scribble, tap and hold it. To rotate it, use two fingers

Inserting Drawings and Stickers in Scribble:

  1. Launch the "Scribble" app and create a new note
  2. Tap the icon shaped like a paint palette > select a pen stroke and color > select the thickness
  3. Tap the button shaped like a pencil next to the letter "A". Select the color and thickness, and write the desired text or draw. NOTE: the drawing will be inserted at the cursor and will have the same size as the surrounding text.
  4. To add a sticker to the note, tap the "smiley face" icon
  5. If you need to resize, move or delete a sticker or a drawing, tap and hold it
  6. You can rotate a sticker or drawing using two fingers

Creating a Scribble Note for a Photo Blog or Social Network Account:

  1. Launch the "Scribble" application
  2. Tap the "+" icon and choose a photo blog template
  3. To capture a photo, tap the icon shaped like a camera within a rectangle. Alternatively, you can choose photos from the Gallery app and create a collage
  4. When creating a collage, press and hold it and select a layout. Additionally, you can:
    • To rearrange photos, press and hold one and drag it over another one
    • Press and hold > drag a photo within the frame to put the subject in the center of the frame
    • You can tap another layout to change the current one
    • Make spread / pinch gestures using two fingers, to zoom your photos in or out
  5. Tap the area above the date to use editing tools and insert illustrations and text
  6. To add a new page, tap the "+" icon located at the left
  7. When you're ready to save the note, press the "Back" button

Grouping Notes into a Notebook:

  1. Launch the "Scribble" application
  2. Tap "Menu" > "Group"
  3. Select the notes that you wish to group and tap "Group" > "OK"
  4. Type in a name for the notebook and tap "OK"

NOTE: you can group notes into an existing notebook by pressing "Menu" > "Move to" and selecting the desired notes

Sharing a Scribble Note:

  1. Launch the "Scribble" app and select the note that you wish to share
  2. Tap the "Share" icon depicted as a dot with two arrows
  3. Choose the desired sharing method:
    • Attachment: allows you to attach a note to an email. NOTE: the email recipient needs to have Scribble installed in order to view the attached note
    • Hyperling: Allows you to save a note in Google Drive and share the link. The recipient will be able to view the note in a web browser
    • Plain Text: allows you to extract the text within a note and share it
    • Image: Save the note as a simple JPG. file. The image can be shared via email or on social networks. NOTE: in case the shared image is a gif. only the first frame will be shared

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