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    Do you need to unlock your HTC Wildfire? Just let us know your phone’s IMEI code and here at we will get your phone unlocked within a matter of minutes. has been in the unlocking business for 5 years and since our launch back in 2009 we have unlocked 71,500 mobile devices. Today, you can join thousands of our satisfied customers by unlocking your phone with us. Moreover, you have a chance to unlock your HTC Wildfire for free at Our free cell phone unlocking process is very simple: once you visit our site and choose to unlock your phone for free, you will be required to complete any offer by the e-commerce website and our business partner TrialPay. After you have successfully completed one offer, we will send an electronic mail to you with the instructions on how to unlock a cell phone, your free HTC unlock code and your order details.

    Our customers usually get their SIM network unlock PIN within fifteen minutes, so when you get your unlock code, just enter it into your HTC Wildfire and your cell phone will be immediately unlocked.

    Our phone unlocks are fast, legal and 100% permanent. Once your phone has been unlocked, it will stay unlocked and can be used with any network provider in your area.

    Finally, our phone unlocks are extremely easy. Just watch this video below to see for yourself!

    To unlock almost any cell phone with us, all you will ever need is your phone’s IMEI code, desktop computer, laptop, tablet and etc. and the Internet connection.

    To start unlocking your HTC Wildfire, simply follow this link

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