If you happen to have HTC G1 that needs to be unlocked a.s.a.p., make sure to visit FreeUnlocks.com. FreeUnlocks.com is a popular phone unlocking service, where you can unlock pretty much any phone at a very competitive price or for free within a matter of a few minutes.

FreeUnlocks.com has been launched in 2009 and since the first day in phone unlocking business we have successfully unlocked over 71,500 cellphones and keep unlocking more every few minutes. If you decide to use our site to unlock HTC G1, you can be well assured that your phone will be unlocked legally, safely and permanently. We generate our unlock codes remotely and no harm will ever be done to your smartphone and neither you will be asked to send your phone to us.

Thus, if you have decided to use our website to unlock your HTC G1, follow this link and select to either unlock your phone for free or for a reasonable price. If you are like us and love getting free stuff, choose to unlock your HTC G1 for free through our business partner TrialPay. To get your HTC G1 unlocked without paying for an unlock code, you will be required to select and complete any one free offer listed by any TrialPay participating vendors. You are one hundred percent free to select any offer you like and it should not be difficult to find that one offer you like due to many offers listed by many TrialPay vendors. After you have selected the offer and finished completing it, we will send an email to you with the very detailed instructions on how to unlock your HTC G1 for free and your HTC unlock code.

After you have gotten your HTC code, just enter it into your smartphone and it will instantly and forever unlocked. To make sure that your phone has been unlocked, simply insert a SIM card that belongs to a different phone carrier than the carrier your phone has been locked to and if you are able to see the Menu on your phone, your phone has been successfully unlocked.

If you still have a few doubts about using FreeUnlocks.com to unlock your HTC G1, read this review written by one of our customers on an independently run review site:

“Simply the best place to get your mobiles unlocked.”
Written on: 03/09/2014 by KailaKenny51 (1 review written)

Simply the best place to get your mobiles unlocked.

Customer Service
Value For Money
You are welcome to read more reviews by clicking this link. Moreover, if you still have questions about how to unlock your HTC G1 using FreeUnlocks.com, we recommend watching this tutorial video, where you should find the answers to all or at least the majority of your questions.

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