This model debuted in second half of 2014 so almost two years ago. But it still have some good sides:
Snapdragon 615 (octa-core 4 @1.7GHz & 4 @1GHz), 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage gives good performance even now. 5.5-inch screen with 1280p resolution and 2600mAh battery was good combo then but means this model have problem with standing whole day on single charge. From the good sides there's update to Android 6.0 so it should stand for a day without charging now.
If you want to sell or buy this model we can unlock it for you if it was locked by carrier. Use just link below:

Price starts with EUR 5.99 (around $7) and wait time shouldn't exceed 6 hours dependinng on choosen service.
Why use our service to unlock your HTC Desire 820:
- quick and secure PayPal payment;
- professional customer service;
- automated realisation process;
- you can check for free warranty expiration date and of the original purchase;
- best prices and completion dates.

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