Enable Call Forwarding:

  1. Open the apps drawer
  2. Launch “Settings
  3. Scroll to and tap “Call
  4. Tap “Call forwarding” > “Always forward
  5. Enter the phone number to forward calls to and tap “Enable

Turn On Conditional Call Forwarding:

  1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
  2. Open “Settings
  3. Tap “Call” > “Call forwarding
  4. Choose to “Forward when unreachable”, “Forward when unanswered” or “Forward when busy
  5. Tap “Update

Turn Off Call Forwarding:

  1. Launch “Settings” and tap “Call
  2. Tap “Call forwarding
  3. If necessary select the forwarding option you want to disable
  4. Tap “Disable” to confirm

Block Incoming Calls:

  1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
  2. Open “People” and tap “Menu
  3. Tap “Manage contacts” > “Blocked contacts
  4. Tap “Add” and follow one of the steps below:
    • To block a new phone number: enter it and tap “OK
    • To block an existing contact from your phonebook: tick the check box next to it and tap “Save”. Optionally you can tap “OK” to save the contact information to another account before blocking

Unblock Calls:

  1. Launch “People
  2. Tap “Menu” > “Manage contacts
  3. Tap “Blocked contacts
  4. Press “Menu” and tap “Remove blocked contacts
  5. Select the contact to unblock and tap “Delete

Block Messages:

  1. Launch “Messages
  2. Tap and hold the conversation thread exchanged with the contact / phone number you want to block
  3. From the “Message options” pop-up, tap “Block contact”

Unblock Messages:

  1. Open “Messages
  2. Tap “Menu
  3. Tap “Block list” and select the contact / phone number to unblock
  4. Tap “Menu” > “Unblock contacts

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