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    Create New Contact:

    1. Open the apps drawer
    2. Launch “People” and tap “+
    3. Enter the contact’s name in the appropriate field
    4. Under “Contact Type” tap the button and select “Phone” or a different type
    5. Tap the button under “Phone” and select a phone number type
    6. Add the contact’s phone number and other optional details
    7. Tap “Save” when ready

    Import / Export Contacts (SIM / SD Cards):

    1. Launch “People” and tap “Menu
    2. Tap “Manage Contacts
    3. Tap “Import / Export contacts
    4. Select to “Import from SD card”, “Import from SIM card”, “Export to SIM card” or “Export to SD Card
    5. Select the contacts you want to transfer or tap “Menu” > “Select all
    6. Tap “Save

    Add a Contact to Speed Dial:

    1. Launch “Phone
    2. Tap “Menu” > “Speed dial
    3. Tap “+” and select the contact you want to add (alternatively you can use the “Search” field)
    4. Tap the button under “Number
    5. Select the phone number you want to add to speed dial
    6. Next, tap the button under “Location” and choose the dial number you wish to use
    7. Tap “Save

    Deleting Contacts:

    1. Open “People
    2. Tap “Menu” > “Delete contacts
    3. Tick the check boxes next to the contacts you want to delete
    4. Tap “Delete” to confirm

    View and Clear the Call Log:

    1. Open “Phone
    2. Go to “Call history
    3. Select a call log entry to view more details
    4. To reset the call log, tap “Menu” > “Remove call history
    5. Tap “Menu” > “Select all
    6. Tap “Delete” > “OK” to confirm

    Create a Caller Group:

    1. Launch “Phone
    2. Go to “Groups
    3. Tap “+” and enter the group’s name
    4. Tap “Save

    Assign Contacts to an Existing Caller Group:

    1. Open “Phone
    2. Access “Groups” and select the desired group
    3. Tap “+” and tick the boxes associated with the contacts you want to add to the group. Optionally, you can use the “Search” field
    4. Tap “Save” to confirm

    See More: HTC 10 evo: Manage Contacts, Caller Groups, and the Call Log

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    Re: HTC 10 evo: Manage Contacts, Caller Groups, and the Call Log

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