Back Up App Data:

  1. Launch “Settings
  2. Go to “Backup & reset
  3. Tap “Backup account
  4. Select an existing account or tap “Google Account” > “Add account” and follow the prompts
  5. Enable “Back up my data” and “Backup account

Back Up Contacts to a Google or HTC Account:

  1. Connect the phone to an active Wi-Fi network if necessary
  2. Open “Settings” and access “Backup and reset
  3. Select “Google account” or “HTC account
  4. To allow the phone to do automatic backups daily over Wi-Fi, enable “Automatic backup
  5. To back up your contacts manually, make sure the “Contacts” option is checked and tap “Back up now

Back Up Media Files on a Windows PC:

  1. Connect the HTC phone to the PC via USB
  2. On the phone, enable “File Transfer” / “Media device” at the prompt or from the Notification shade
  3. Open the File Explorer on the computer
  4. Navigate to the media files on the phone
  5. Copy and paste the files to the desired backup location on the PC
  6. Once done, safely disconnect the device from the USB cord

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