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    Social networking may soon grow from just another mobile application into “killer app” status, JupiterResearch said in its latest report.


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    Re: Mobile Social Networking As Killer App?

    The advent of mobile social networking is pretty exciting. As devices are getting more and more powerful and crossing over into the mainstream, we're going to see a real change in how people interact. Already, I have friends in London who are using their iphone and smartphone apps to meet up, see who's nearby (although for these types of social networks to work, we need to see a critical mass before they can be meaningful), twitter from anywhere...and so on.

    If the internet is a social revolution, some of these new social networks for mobile phones are going to change even the briefest of social interactions forever.

    We've yet to see a killer mobile social network emerge; I like Aka-aki, although, again not enough users. ShoZu is pretty good.

    What are the main mobile social networks that people here are using?

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