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    Of all the wireless events going on this week, how many industry folks do you suppose will be at the Palm Pre launch event in Hollywood tonight?


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    Re: Palm Plans Hollywood Pre Party

    Tonight was a night of contradictions, driving to the Palm Pre VIP event in Hollywood, it was raining and the sun was shining at the same time.

    Raleigh Studios was transformed into an urban interactive farmer's market, fresh flowers, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and fresh tech. Umbrellas dripped with rain, while high heeled golden sandals waded through puddles. The Palm Pre, home-grown on a Silicon Valley farm was brought to the glitteratti market.

    Just like you squeeze tomatoes and thump melons, people were sampling the Palm Pre. Here are some things, I noticed

    * The Palm Pre's keys although small have a clicky-stickiness to them, the textures make it clear that you are clicking the keys. There is a dedicated @ sign and period key to avoid funky shifting.
    * The auto rotate accelerometer works for the browser and photographs and rotates in 90 degree intervals so that when you show the web page to someone else they see in the correct direction. An iPhoner party attendee was jealous of the function, for only photographs rotate on the iPhone.
    * The Palm Pre's universal search function works like magic, checking contacts, and the web. The demo guy was able to bring up a photo of my favorite yorkie-poo within seconds to compare to his Labradoodle.
    * Sprint CEO Dan Hesse pointed out that the Palm Pre is $1200 less expensive than an iPhone over a two-year period.
    * When you have an appointment in your calendar in the Palm Pre and you are late, the Palm Pre will look up the email address of the people in the meeting and offer a way to send a "I'm late message."
    * Probably the neatest feature, I hadn't seen before is when there is an address showing in either a contact or on the web, and you tap on the address, you will automatically taken to a map by the Palm Pre
    * Multitasking has been mentioned before, but it was fun to see a song playing while surfing the net.

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