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    Microsoft has finally roped Yahoo into an Internet search partnership...


    See More: Microsoft, Yahoo Agree on Long-Sought Search Deal

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    Re: Microsoft, Yahoo Agree on Long-Sought Search Deal

    Speculators are saying Yahoo may be gone in the next 5 years... I think the site still has a lot of potential and I thought there were talks of Yahoo acquiring FaceBook? Perhaps Yahoo and Microsoft will team together to gain a major share in the social networking realm.

    I use Yahoo for so many services aside from search. It really is sad to see once CEOs of companies like these go, their vision just seems to get thrown out the doors.

    Look at eBay for example. Once Meg Whitman stepped down and left the company, the site has been going down the tubes. It really is ashame to see the sites we have become so familiar with, change so drastically.

    I am sure you can think of so many other companies where the CEO / founder stepped down and the company just spiraled downward.

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    Re: Microsoft, Yahoo Agree on Long-Sought Search Deal

    do u think with this move could they knock google out of the way ?

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