Although Nokia just not seems to be able to produce a functionally complete
synchronisation method on either IrDA of Bluetooth for this phone, it worked
more or less. I finally was able to sync my meetings and receive early
warning signals on the phone.

I regret to say I "was" able to synchronize, because since today the phone
slips in a message "Synchronization aborted" just before it says all went
well. I does not went well; nothing gets synchronized anymore. IrDA of
Bluetooth, it just won't sync anymore. I think i have done something awful
to parts of the firmware or scheduled a meeting the phone doesn't really
care for.

Okay, this releases me of one problem, the quest to fulfill my desire to get
the phone to synchronize every 15 minutes via Bluetooth (like the tools says
it can do) with some reliability and without the hassle of pressing buttons
on the phone or on the laptop (in order accept appearing messages or to
reconnect bluetooth on return of each absence). It took my quite a while to
get where I was, cross trying about every version of driver and
application, and now the things simply says to stop doing that, do something
useful with your life instead, pick up pen and paper, and come back for a
decent solution in about 20 years time or more.

All in all I'm pretty disappointed in the reliability of these little
machines, the hardware is there, the advertising is there, but the software
is struggling to keep in sight of the product. Let's hope Nokia software
engineers keep clear from programming cars or planes to function correctly.

If anyone should think to hold the solution to this malfunction (apart from
suggesting to fysically help the phone or myself out of misery) I think I
would be happy to throw in some extra hours to try. After all, nowadays we
have nothing better to do than keep our devices happy as if they were


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