Changes between v 3.10.6 und 4.00.15 --> 6681

Nokia Mobile Phones Service Bulletin No.

Call and network management
* It is possible to edit Fixed Dialing Number from 28 digits to 40 digits
* Recording during call is possible

* SMS sending works after power on, when sms is created in off-line mode
* Enchancements to SMS message length counter

* MMS is presented correctly when received from LG phone

* Extra empty lines removed when viewing an email

* Dial-ups (USB & BT) works after USB PictBridge printing
* Dial_up not dropped during uploading on FTP

* Answering or rejecting a call possible when playing the game

* Camera application closes by closing camera slide door, also when phone is
* Camera flash LED setting is saved when application exits
* AP Configurator database updated

* Call creation from Phonebook / Call Log after Pre-Paid Saldo information
message now possible

* Enable name and number CLI display for RM-57 EMEA/LAM/China variants
* Nokia startup animation desplayed also when text welcome note is in used
* Un-used I/O pins configured out to minimize current consumption
* Background wallpaper drawing corrected when Active Idle is set to on
* "New message" and "Mailbox" icons has been corrected to Active Idle
* Improved "Renesas" MMC card reliability
* Added error notification when trying to insert over 300kB image in MMS
* Phoenix Service Software version 2005.12.5.90 or later
* Product Data Package v5.0
* PKD-1 Dongle & Flash Prommer FPS-10 or DKU-2 USB Cable
* Product specific service devices

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My firmware:
Nokia 6310i -> v5.60 (06-09-04)
Nokia 6600 -> v5.27.0 (28-06-04)
Nokia 6680 -> v3.04.37 (01-06-05)

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