The HWK is only required for new modules and platforms, if you are happy
with the current modules and supported platforms you do not need to purchase
the HWK.

Example 1 - if new features are added for DCT4, the HWK is not needed.

Example 2 - purchase of the HWK gives support for Nokia fast flashing which
was added in previous release for preview of 200 phones, Samsung D500/D508
support and support for SEMC A1 platform (SONY-ERICSSON MC, LG 3G and Sharp)
price: 160 euro

cloned Motorola SmartClip

Smart-Clip is a professional device that removes SP/SIM/phone/user
lock from Motorola phones. It's works with a wide range of
mobile phone models starting at C3xx series (C250, C260, C266, C330, C331,
C332, C333, C334, C335, C336, C350, C350l, C350V, C353, C359V, C370, C450,
C450l, C550, C650), Exxx series (E380, E370), Vxxx series (V150,V151,
V300,V303, V400, V500, V525, V220, V600), Vxx series (V60, V66, V60i,V66i,
V70),old T-series models (T280, T720, T720i, T722i), new V-series model
V80andA835/A920/A925 or C385 . IN last update added E396, E398, C380,V180,
V220,C115, C116. This simple standalone one-button operation Clip are
Unlocking phones in just a couple of seconds. No PC, disassembling or
special technical knowledge needed.. .
No updates maybe available.
upgraded to 2.05
PRICE: only 99? + delivery


SWS-Sagem Unlocker

Supported phones, for unlock by reading code, or direct Unlock

All these phones are using Sagem Test Points:
My - V55 , My - X5-2, My - C4, My - X7, My - C2-2, S 341i
My - V75, My - V65, My - X6, My - X5m, My - X5, My - X3, My - X3-2, My -
My - X2, My - C2, My - X1, Mx - 30xx (ARM)

The package Contains:
-SwS-Sag LPT Dongle
- Sag My-V55 Test point adaptor
- Sag My-C2-2 Test point adaptor
- Sag My-X6, V65 .. Test point adaptor
- Sag My-X5, X3 .. Test point adaptor
- Sag My-X2 .. Test point adaptor
- Sag Mx-30xx Test point adaptor

PRICE: ONLY 269? + delivery


Sony-Ericsson X-GTI CLIP


a.. Supports New RSA Protected Models
b.. Old Models Also Supported Inc T28 etc.
c.. Unlocks in 3 Seconds
d.. Reset User Code to default
e.. Easy to use
f.. Portable Clip
g.. No PC Or Battery Required !!

Compatible to work with:

a.. T28, T20, T29, R310, R320, R380, A2618, A2628
b.. T39, T65, T68m, T68i, R520, Z200, T610, T630, Z600
c.. T200, T230, T300, T310, P800, P900, P910
d.. T610 RSA, T630 RSA, Z600 RSA
e.. F500, F500i, K500, K500i, K700, K700i, Z1010, S700, V800

PRICE: ONLY 79? + delivery


Info : [email protected] Gsm : 098 9334 850