I've receveived a Nokia 6021 as a replacement for my Nokia 6230.
both have a built-in modem. Via eBay I've bought 2 USB Data
cables (original it says). The 6230 cable is just a cable, USB
at one end, some pins at the other end.

Using Windows XP it is recognized immediately as Nokia 6230 and
a modem is installed. It works fine.

The 6021 is using another USB-cable. The USB-end is slightly
larger. It is also recognized, but as "USB Data Cable", even
when phone is not connected.

I cannot use any modem with it. How do I configure my 6021 & USB
Data Cable to act as a modem? Using the bluetooth modem is not
an option...

What software can use the USB Data Cable function?

The 6230-cable is: SKU-2
The 6021-cable is: KQ-U8A

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