Where is Mark Crispin? Didn't he say the iPhone was going to fail in
Japan a few years back? oops!

iPhone is really, really big in Japan --- March 12, 2012

S-T-A-R that¹s what you are, ¹cause you¹re big in Japan. Yeah, you¹re
big in Japan. Whereas Apple¹s smartphone is the number one smartphone is
all sorts of markets, the device that changed and just keeps changing
the world is the number one phone of any kind in the Land of the Rising
Sun, accounting for more than a quarter of handsets sold ‹ wow, there¹s
big and then there¹s Apple big in Japan.

Tokyo¹s Mainichi Daily News, quoting numbers from IDC Japan, reports
that the iPhone accounted for a whopping 26.6 percent of all mobile
phones sold in that country. Perhaps the most telling stat is the fact
that smartphones already account for 64.7 percent of all handset sales,
which underscores the iPhone¹s impact in Japan.

Leading the also ran pack were Fujitsu and Sharp in the number two and
three spots, respectively. Interestingly, neither of those companies
have much if any impact here in the Land of Milk and Honey Nut Cheerios
where smarpthone penetration is just North of 50 percent.

The iPhone¹s ongoing conquest marks the first time a non-Japanese vendor
hit number. Apple reclaimed the number one smartphone spot from Android
in the US late last year.

Last quarter, according to CEO Tim Cook, Apple had a pretty decent
quarter with iPhone sales up more than 120 percent with Asia in general
and China in particular driving much of that growth.


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