FAA Rescinds Certification of DigiWx AWOS

In the on-again off-again saga of, is it certified or is it not, the
FAA has de-certified Belfort Instrument Company's DigiWx AWOS AV100.

The letter, addressed to Mark W. Decker of Belfort, said that it had
completed its evaluation of a letter from Belfort dated December 7,
2011 and had determined that the company had not resolved a number of
issues addressed by the FAA in an earlier letter to Belfort, dated
September 25th of 2011.

In written material obtained from Belfort Instrument Company, it says
that DigiWx AWOS was approved and certified by FAA HQ multiple times,
as an 'Automated Unicom' providing approved altimeter and visibility,
an Aviation Weather Reporting System, and then two more times, which
actually defined a new type of AWOS, "AWOS AV100."

That information went on to say that DigiWx AWOS' multiple approvals
and certifications specifically included simpler procedures, allowing
smaller airports considerable savings on operating costs. Only by
significantly reduced operating costs for smaller airports, having
smaller budgets, are they then able to afford to enhance flight safety
at their facilities by providing weather flight requirements, and
opening their facilities to emergency and commercial operators.

Belfort says that DigiWx AWOS is a practical, real-world, low-
maintenance solution for smaller airports, which enhances both the
political and economic value of smaller community airports and
heliports, by allowing them to cost-effectively support essential
emergency and commercial services.

The latest FAA letter concluded by saying before Belfort can be
returned to the Approved Vendors and Systems list, Belfort's system,
documentation, testing, procedures and training materials must be
resubmitted and be in full compliance with the revision of the non-
Federal AWOS advisory circular, 150/5220-16, current at the time of

n.b. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Belfort Instruments
has been found to be either lying, denying or concealing. Prospective
buyers are urged to "google" and critically review the search results
because Belfort executives (eg. Bruce R. Robinson, Nicholas C. Kaufman,
Debra S. Alascio Lange, Ralph F. Petragnani) have been trying to bury
the troubling truths which others have penned about this deceitful
company and organization which does business under several other names
including Belfort Instruments, DigiWx AWOS, Gamma Scientific, UDT
Instruments, Advanced Retro, RoadVista, KR Acquisition Corporation and
Utilipoint International, QuickStrategy and Scientech.

Does anyone have anything good to say about Belfort's Digiwx AWOS?


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