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>> What does he DO? HE PUTS ON THE SPEED catches up and starts riding my
>> ass, and then giving me the finger. So I give it back. HE signals he
>> wants to fight me. So I oblige. I pull over. What does he do? He
>> keep on going.
>> I don't begrudge him for not wanting to fight (I was much bigger than
>> him). But there is a typical example of someone getting angry because
>> you showed yourself to be a better, safer and more efficient driver
>> than him.

>Thats why you should always carry a loaded rifle in your car. I would
>have blown out a few tires and windows on that car, then when he
>rolled over into a ditch, I would have beat the **** out of him before
>tossing his limp body back into his burning car to be incinerated.
>The way I look at it, road rage does not end until the son of a *****
>that pissed me off is in his grave. No one that ****s with me on the
>highway ever lives to tell the story.
>So far I have put 38 men, and 6 women into their graves, and one still
>remains in a coma after 8 years. All were bad drivers who drove
>themselves to their demise by ****ing with the wrong person (namely

Hey, I feel exactly the same way. I am so godamn sick and tired of
inconsiderate asshole drivers I'd like to kill them all. I always
have my shotgun loaded and on the gun rack right behind my head.
I probably blast a dozen cars a week. But that's not the end. I got
a box of hand gernades under my seat. When a ****er behind the wheel
pisses me off, I just pass the son of a *****, cut him off, toss the
gernade and watch the fun explode. A tank of gas and a hand gernade
make quite a blast. It's quite hysterical when they announce on the tv
news that another car was blown up on the interstate and they are
investigating. Like what are they investigating? There's nothing

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