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    I am frequently in areas with *loud* background noise.

    I can't hear my cell phone ring over the noise (and can't feel it vibrate).

    So I got an ear phone/headset and it works fine, except I can't hear the
    cell phone ringtone in the earpiece!

    It plays the ringtone through the cell phone speaker and not through the ear
    piece! Argggg!

    Is there a setting on cell phones in general which will make it play the
    ringtone in the earpiece? Or certain brands/models of cell phones which will
    do this?

    Anyone know a setting for my specific cell phone...
    I have an Audiovox CDM-8610VM (VOX 8610).

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    Dane Ashworth

    Re: Cell phone will not "ring" in ear piece?

    I'm not sure what kind of hearing aid you have, but if you have BTE's
    you can purchase a DAI input shoe and an ELI Bluetooth Headset from
    your audiologist. This not only allows you to hear the phone ringing
    in your ear but also talk on the phone through your hearing aid. The
    ELI works pretty well, but does pick up a lot of background noise when
    on a call that can be distracting to the callers. If you are in a
    really noisy environment and can't step out for the call, the ELI may
    not work as well. You will also need a Bluetooth phone, but those are
    very common these days.

    Dane Ashworth
    Phonak Savia BTE's with FM
    ELI Bluetooth DAI Headset
    T-Mobile SDA Bluetooth Smartphone

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