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    If you are an original iPad owner and aren't too happy with it, maybe you will be happier with the next generation iPad, the iPad2. Apple has took into consideration a few complaints regarding the first iPad and is bringing the iPad 2 with a few fixes.

    The iPad 2 will feature a dual-core processor, front and rear facing camera with a thinner design. If you haven't grabbed one of the Apple iPad 2's yet or just can't seem to find one, you can head on over to RadioShack to where the iPad 2 is now available. There may be a limited supply so your best bet is to head on over there a little early to ensure you will have first pick.

    via: Apple iPad 2 at RadioShack Tomorrow « Specs, Reviews, News and Price Info - MobileWhack

    See More: Apple iPad 2 now available at RadioShack
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    Re: Apple iPad 2 now available at RadioShack

    iPad 2 at Radio Shack... should interesting. i was at the the Apple store last night and they said they didn't know how many, if any ipad 2's they were getting in today Tuesday the 29th.

    So Radio Shack's inventory and locations should interesting.
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    Re: Apple iPad 2 now available at RadioShack

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    Re: Apple iPad 2 now available at RadioShack

    Quote Originally Posted by D.Dark View Post
    I checked there and was surprised to see that the price is actually cheaper compared to most stores I have checked with. If I have enough funds I most certainly will be getting one soon.

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    Re: Apple iPad 2 now available at RadioShack

    Êîä ñåêñ â êîíòàêòå|
    Ñåêñêëàññíèêè êîä|
    Ñåêñ îäíîêëàññíèêè ðó|
    Ñåêñ êëàñíèêè|

    Ñàéò îäíîêëàññíèêè km ru
    Îäíîêëàññíèêè êîì
    Îäíîêëàññíèêè îìñê ñåêñ
    Ñåêñêëàñíèêè ðó

    Îäíîëþáîâíèêè ðó ñåêñ çíàêîìñòâà|
    Ñåêñêëàññíèêè êîä|
    Vse odnonochniki ru|
    Ãîëûå îäíîêëàññíèêè ua|

    Âèäåî îäíîêëàññíèêè çàíèìàþòñÿ ñåêñîì
    Ñåêñêëàñíèêè áåç ðåãèñòðàöèè
    Îäíîíî÷íèêè áåç ðåãèñòðàöèè
    Ñåêñêëàññíèêè âçëîì

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    Re: Apple iPad 2 now available at RadioShack

    What the heck, I'm just beginning to love my very first iPad and now there's this iPad 2 thing? Hmm.. It must be tempting though.. checking!
    IT Rush <my blog

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