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    I am going nuts trying to find the colon ( key on my iPhone. I need it to send e-mails to several sites so I can upload my photos. Where is the colon key hidden?

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    Re: Can't find Colon (:) in Keyboard

    Second row, third from the left. Under the numeral 3. This is on my 3GS.

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    Re: Can't find Colon (:) in Keyboard

    I beg to differ. The keypad changes when in updating a contact. I'm in contacts now trying to update website info. When the keyboard pops up, there is no colon/semi-colon. Weird eh?

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    Re: Can't find Colon (:) in Keyboard for iPhone

    I understand you, because I also recently had a similar problem. I was looking for ways to solve it for a long time and ultimately thought of asking people on the forums. I did not even expect that forums are so useful! An hour later, a person answered me and advised me a site that helped him when his phone cannot verify server identity and he told me that in fact this site will help me.
    I decided to use their services and was very pleasantly surprised. The work was done with high quality and I didn't even have anything to stick to, because the phone really works like new. I noticed that it even began to work much faster than before the breakdown and I am very glad that these people helped me with my problem. I can advise you with confidence

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