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    I'm thinking of upgrading my cdma service on three - to the $18/month
    plan with a SEK608i phone. My main reasons for upgrading are to access
    international roaming and to make occassional data calls when
    travelling (both OZ and OS). I know I don't need a 3G phone for these
    features - so transferring to a cheap GSM plan with another provider is
    also an option.

    Can you guys help me with the following questions?

    Data: The casual rate on 3 seems to be $4/mB. At these rates I'll be
    happy with GPRS speeds. Do any of the GSM providers have cheaper casual
    data rates?

    Phone: Are there other 3 phones (with tri-band) that I should be
    considering? In particular, are there smaller phones (the 608i is just
    over 100g) and/or phones with better sound quality?

    Roaming: How do 3's international roaming rates compare with other
    providers (eg for the US).


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    Re: Three questions (Data and international roaming)

    I switched from CDMA to 3, same phone K608i [do a google and u can read
    a report from a few weeks ago]Did not want a flip and also not a Korean
    phone either

    Size is no issue, sound quality is the BEST of any of the 10 prior
    phones owned.BETTER than land line [this is using the stero headphones

    Yes i got it for tri-band USA roaming, but its locked on 3 Sim for 12
    months @$14 after that u can buy a sim in USA and use it at a lower

    I dont use any of that video/data rubbish

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