I started out with Verizon in 2004, switched to T-Mobile in 2006, then switched to Cricket in 2008, and just yesterday switched to Boost Mobile via the Sprint network - and I asked T-Mobile this question and they of course wouldn't comment....but my question is:

WHY is it....that ALL OTHER CARRIERS will lose calls in our neighborhood AND YET.....ol' TracFone would have FULL BARS, ALL of them and their calls were crystal clear?


Someone tried to tell me it was because TracFone used Satellites whereas all other carriers used Cell Towers.

That didn't make sense to me. (I've had Electronics training.) About a mile South of us is an overpass and highway that was built-up to a 3-story level above ground level, and our cell tower is just south of it. Is that why?

I also have about a 5-10 foot wide 'path' that goes from SW to NE right across my driveway and through the dining room in my house where if you step into it, you WILL lose the call instantly.

Just curious. Thanks!

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