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    There are a few dozen types of lawyers, and different practice areas have different skill sets. For example, what makes a good/bad trial lawyer may be different from what makes a good/bad transactional lawyer.

    That being said, here are some of the fundamentals:

    Legal knowledge, and ability. Law is complicated. Laws are complex, convoluted and intertwined. If you know a practice area's statutes, plus the quirks that go along with the statutes, and the cases that interpret them, and the interactions with other areas, you're better than most. If you have the mental ability to parse these things out, and know how, when and where to look, you're ahead of the game. Some of law practice is knowing the law. Much of law practice is forcing your fact pattern to fit into that statute that doesn't quite address what you want. You also have to be able to ferret out what is actually relevant to the case and weed out what isn't relevant.

    See More: What makes a good lawyer?

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    Re: What makes a good lawyer?

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