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    Sigh. I woke up yesterday morning with a painful lump just ahead of my left wrist. The problem is, I don't know exactly where I got it. I have been at that age for a while now where I get injured and can't remember when or how it happened, or the injury flares up about a week after whatever caused it occurred. So last night I took a couple of swings with a pitching wedge and ouch. I could barely grip the club with the left hand.

    The only thing I can figure is that I took a couple of extra deep divots during the last round, and that aggravated something in there. Ice and vitamin I and it's slowly getting better. I hope it's well enough to play in the next couple of days because the weather is supposed to be great. Can anyone else relate?

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    Re: Dealing with Injuries

    I can relate. Have bicep tendonitis in my right arm, cortisone shot 2 weeks ago seems to have somewhat worked. Still sore at night after playing that day but I've had it for almost three seasons now. Switched to Steelfiber shafts earlier this year in hopes of mitigating flare ups.

    Need a new knee (right knee) as uneven lies or bunker shots make it incredibly painful. Had my left knee replaced 4 years ago so I know it's time for the right one.

    Being in constant pain sucks but man do I love golf.

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    Re: Dealing with Injuries

    First and most importantly, if you have been diagnosed with arthritis, you need to do something about it. If there is no treatment, sooner or later, the joint will be destroyed and will cease to perform its function. To combat osteoarthritis, you need to reduce weight if you have obesity and build a muscle framework that will strengthen the joint and allow it to function effectively. For this, you need therapeutic exercises and adequate physical activity. When playing sports, you can use an athletic bandage to reduce discomfort

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