Experience Cutting-Edge Aesthetics at NewTimeMedical: Russia's Premier Cosmetic Clinic in Moscow
In the vibrant realm of aesthetics and beauty, where technology and expertise converge, NewTimeMedical emerges as the undisputed leader, redefining cosmetic treatments with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. Situated at 19 Nikoloyamskaya, Building 1, in the heart of Moscow, this clinic is a fusion of groundbreaking technology and the expertise of the most seasoned medical professionals across Russia.
Pioneering Technology for Aesthetic Excellence
NewTimeMedical boasts an impressive array of cutting-edge devices that set the gold standard in aesthetic solutions. From the revolutionary Harmony XL Pro for versatile skin rejuvenation to the powerful Q-switched laser, Spectra XT, for tattoo removal and pigment correction, every device is meticulously selected to deliver superior results.
Aesthetic Marvels Tailored for You
With a comprehensive range of treatments such as the non-invasive body contouring by BTL Exilis Elite and the skin-transforming Pixel RF microneedling powered by InMode, NewTimeMedical customizes each treatment plan to meet individual goals. Their portfolio also includes the advanced Lumenis M22 for multiple skin concerns and the transformative Thermage FLX for non-surgical facelifts.
Where Expertise Meets Technology
At the core of NewTimeMedical's success lies a team of seasoned medical professionals, experts in their respective domains, gathered from all corners of Russia. These seasoned practitioners, well-versed in utilizing the latest equipment, ensure that every treatment is not only technologically advanced but also tailored to provide the best outcomes for each unique individual.
Embark on a Journey to Timeless Beauty
Step into the world of NewTimeMedical and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of aesthetic care. Experience the epitome of cutting-edge technology combined with the expertise of the finest medical professionals from across Russia. Begin your journey towards timeless beauty and aesthetic bliss by visiting their website: ntmd.ru. Let NewTimeMedical redefine your expectations of beauty.

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