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    I stopped into an ATT cell store tonight. I can get the accessories, two phones, etc for free if I also take DSL...I am looking to upgrade my connectivity, so the price is good and the service will be cheap. $15/month.

    I am looking for two durable phones. Don't care if they play music, I have a radio of that.. But, I want the bluetooth headsets and dc chargers.. I may press them for the cases, but, the hardware is most important. Any phones that you guyw would recommend?? I am leaning torward the Nokia line, but will listen to all suggestions. My v60s got folded in half, backwards... Good riddence. Might dump Verizon too, so that is why I want to find out about the best deal I can cut with ATT..

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    Re: Best Deal with ATT??

    Above all, I'd recommend getting a Nokia or Blackberry phone. They are reliable and the best out there.

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    Re: Best Deal with ATT??

    AT&T plays their games also. I have an old plan from before they switched to Cingular. I currently have 3 lines with that plan and now want to add a forth. I am being told I can't add another line to my old plan and that I must upgrade the plan. Problem I am running into is that I am being forced to upgrade the plan and they want to charge me upgrade fees. They want me to "upgrade" to a plan that has less minutes but yet will cost me more per month and they want to charge me fees to do this. My contract just expired with them on 1/06 so I may jump ship if things keep going this way.

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