This is my first post and I am going to apologize in advance, I don't get much time on the internet as I am currently deployed and am limited to 30mins at a time on a public access computer soooo I haven't spent much time searching the forums for the answers to my questions so I am sorry if these questions have been asked and answered in previous posts. Anyway here I go.....

As I said I am currently deployed and live/ work near Baghdad, Iraq, I only have about month left and will be returning stateside, once I am back in the USA I am going to reactivate my Cingular account and get a new phone. Prior to leaving I had a V3xx and loved it, because of the nature in which the phone was "destroyed" (some of my personal gear was in a building when it was mortared) Cingular said they would replace my Razr as soon as I get home. Once I get my new V3xx and get my account going again I would like to tether my phone to my lap-top. This is where my questions stem from.....

Does anyone know what service(s) is needed through Cingular to tether my phone and computer? (IE- data connect?? or media bundle??? or what??)

What is the cost/ prices of said services?

What is the performance of the services (IE-speeds, reliability, etc) and what is the amount of data associated with each of the service options?

I am sent multiple emails to Cingular but because our outgoing mail server is tagged as coming from the Middle East or Europe or something like that, Cingular refuses to answer my emails beyond "please contact us when you return stateside or visit a retail store," so I am hoping I can get some straight forward answers from this forum. Thanks for all your help and I am up for any information about tethering beyond just the questions I asked, I am new to the operation and would like to learn as much as I can before I move forward with changing my services with Cingular. Thanks again. -Out here

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