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    Re: Cable vs. DSL

    I couldn't see ever going to DSL once you have had cable...

    See More: Cable vs. DSL

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    Re: Cable vs. DSL

    Quote Originally Posted by nicknrm View Post
    Well, I've made a huge change to my life. I now have Cable Internet compared to always having DSL. I've noticed some distinct pros and cons of each. I'm going to provide them here, for you.

    Just a note: My DSL provider was AT&T and now my Cable provider is Charter. The facts provided here may differ if you have another DSL provider like Verizon or another cable internet provider like Comcast.

    For years, AT&T was the only exclusive company here. They provided the phone and internet...you had NO OTHER OPTIONS in my little town in Northern California. Well, Charter came along and now they have Internet here. It's a start to unmonopolizing my city.

    Anyway...here it is:

    Main Differences:

    • Cable connects to your cable outlet...no more phone jack connection like you had with DSL.
    • The fastest DSL speed is considered slower than the slowest Cable speed available.
    • Charter REQUIRED them to install it, while AT&T was a do it yourself project (installation was optional).
    • DSL with AT&T forced you to purchase your modem, which was about $70. Charter makes you rent it from them. It's $3.99 per month without wireless...and $9.99 per month with wireless on top of your normal monthly plan. They may have a purchase your box option...but a cable internet box is at least $200.

    Pros/cons of each:

    • Cable is supposably faster. I haven't seen a huge speed jump. We're supposed to be getting 5MBPS with Cable while DSL was 1.5MBPS. We are able to get up to 20MBPS if we got the highest plan.
    • DSL is much cheaper.
    • DSL speeds are always constant while Cable can be faster or slower based on how many people have cable TV or internet.

    Anything I missed?

    • Cable is outrageously priced
    That pretty much sums it up....lol

    I had Time Warner before i switched to Verizon DSL, yes cable was faster but it was $39.99 as opposed to my DSL for $15.99, now a days where we're trying to same some money i rather go with DSL and keep the change, and besides, i have a very fast connection at work.

    BTW: here's a site where you can check your connection speed:Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test

    Here's mine:

    Second test:
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    Re: Cable vs. DSL

    r u sure AT&T force you to purchase one of their modems? can't you buy your own? anyway, you should read the wikipedia articles on "cable internet" and "DSL" and they have speed comparisons there.

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    Re: Cable vs. DSL

    Yes, you can buy your own...

    What I mean was they require you BUY IT OUTRIGHT somehow.

    With Charter, you rent it monthly OR can buy your own or one of theirs. They encourage renting (since Cable Internet boxes are over $220.)

    Quote Originally Posted by danielspencer2 View Post
    r u sure AT&T force you to purchase one of their modems? can't you buy your own? anyway, you should read the wikipedia articles on "cable internet" and "DSL" and they have speed comparisons there.
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    Re: Cable vs. DSL

    A DSL modem connects computer to a phone line in order to transmit digital data. If your computer already has an internal modem, you can “dial-in” through your telephone landline. Otherwise, you’d need to purchase an external modem. Provider companies sometimes offer these at no charge with your subscription. Those usually connect to your USB port.
    The speed at which a DSL modem sends and receives data varies from hundreds of Kilobits per second to many Megabits. Examples of DSL technologies include Asymmetric DSL (ASDL) and ISDN Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL).
    You can access both the internet and your phone line at the same time
    Faster speed than dial-up
    Ability to choose between different connection speeds and pricing from various providers
    Receives data faster than it sends it
    Sometimes not available in remote areas
    The farther you are from the provider’s central location, the slower the transmission

    A cable modem transmits digital data over existing cable television lines. They can either be internal or external. The speed at which it sends and receives data varies from just a few Megabits per second to many Megabits.
    Performance isn’t based on distance from the provider’s central location
    Faster speed than dial-up and most often DSL
    You share the available bandwidth of a single cable line with others in your neighborhood. The more people using it at the same time, the slower the performance.
    Could be more costly than DSL
    Sometimes not available in remote areas

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    Re: Cable vs. DSL

    Comcast just offered me a 3 month free trial of their upgraded speed.
    So here is my speed test be for the upgrade:

    I will post the upgrade speed soon as it is activated.
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