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It doesn't take a keen eye to figure out that the smartphone market has a tendency of delivering larger-screened smartphones every year, and interestingly enough, a new trend might be established as well: the flexible screen smartphone.

Previous reports have suggested that Apple might plan on increasing the screen size of its future iPhones as well, and now, we're getting newer reports that add to those speculations.

According to Bloomberg, "someone" familiar with Apple's future plans suggests that the company in question is now working on two new iPhones that will deliver larger screens. Additionally, the source also claims that these two handsets will deliver a screen that will be curved downwards at the edges. These two iPhones will allegedly hit the market in the second half of year 2014 –in the 3rd quarter to be more precise- so I guess it's safe to assume that these rumored smartphones could bear the "iPhone 6" and perhaps "iPhone 6C" monikers.

The inside source also claims that Apple is now working on advanced touch-sensors that would allow the screen to differentiate between heavy and light taps on the display. However, this type of technology will not be present on the next iPhone line-up.

As far as the size of these smartphones goes, the source claims that one of the devices will boast a 4.7 inch panel, whereas the other one will feature a pretty large 5.5 inch screen. Previous rumors have suggested that Apple's next two iPhones will deliver a 4.8 and 5.2 inch display respectively, so at this point, the dimensions are definitely subject to change. Needless to say, Apple's next iPhones are expected to undergo a change in design, and the Cupertino giant might want to change its strategy as well, in order to compete directly with the likes of LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 / Note 4, Galaxy S5, and Lumia 1520. In fact, given the alleged curved nature of the next iPhones, these devices will also be a direct competitor to the LG G Flex and the Galaxy Round, or any other smartphone that will launch with a curved display during the next 12 months or so.

Any thoughts regarding these rumors? As usual, it's wise to remain skeptical at this point, but feel free to share your thoughts below. What would you say to a large 5.5 inch iPhone?

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Phone Arena
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  1. MaceyJ's Avatar
    MaceyJ -
    News suggests that they might hold of on the curved display.

    See More: Article: Is Apple Developing Two Large-Screened, Curved iPhones?
  1. loveshow520's Avatar
    loveshow520 -
    News suggests that they might hold of on the curved display.
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    News suggests that they might hold of on the curved display.
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