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If you are an Android tablet owner and you're always looking for new ways to customize your user interface then you have most likely heard about the Chameleon Launcher project that appeared on Kickstarter in June.

In case you don't know what Chameleon Launcher is all about then long story short, it's a launcher designed for Android tablets that lets you use different home screens for different scenarios. This app will automatically switch to another of your home screens according to your location, time and day and so on and so forth.

Sounds quite interesting and those who are eagerly waiting for this particular project are in for a treat because as it turns out this already popular application has been successfully funded and the guys behind the launcher have a surprise in store for everyone who was kind enough to financially back-up their idea.

Apparently Chameleon Launcher has now officially entered in the beta stages of development and those who have funded this kickstarter have been given permission to install the beta version by the people behind the project. In case you have backed-up the Chameleon Launcher project then you should have received an email containing the necessary instructions on how to unlock and install your version of Chameleon.

The only downside is that the launcher is quite limited at this point in time, being in beta and all that, so only five basic widgets will be available and those do not include Netflix or Spotify.

Nevertheless, make sure you check out the video below (courtesy of Pocket Now) and learn more about what this upcoming release has to offer.


Source: Google Play
Via: Pocket Now

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