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When you think of HTC, you usually think of large smartphones with bright screens and powerful features. But if you are a mobile developer, you think about code, specifically code that will allow you to do what you want with a smartphone. HTC caused a stir in the past by locking developers out of their smartphones. They relented when so many online took offense at it. Now they are at it again with the HTC One X. But HTC says they are not to blame this time.

When you want more freedom to do what you want with your smartphone, you usually choose an Android powered smartphone over an iPhone. HTC has been happy to oblige those in the past who wanted to customize their own smartphone or install a new ROM. A ROM is a complete set of executables and basic files that make up a handset's firmware. It actually stands for "Read Only Memory" and like any software, can be customized. That is, until this new HTC smartphone. The "High Technology Computer Corporation" ( HTC ) has made sure that no one is going to be taking over this smartphone any time soon. They claim they are not the culprit though. The smartphone is headed for AT&T, so the logical next step is to assume that AT&T is refusing the smartphone from being unlocked.

The "official statement" from HTC on the One X is that "restrictions prevent certain devices from participating in our bootloader unlocking program". Since the good looking smartphone is not hindered by the FCC, it is easy to see who is making the restrictions. It has to be AT&T. Chalk up one more for the company who has the worst customer satisfaction rating for cell carriers. The online tool that HTC provides to developers happens to not work for the One X. For more proof that AT&T is the one preventing the rooting ( unlocking ) of the One X, the international version of the One X is able to access the online tool without a problem. The tool even works for Canada users on the Rogers network. That model has the same specifications as the one selling on AT&T tomorrow.

HTC has been faithfully providing bootloader unlocking services for their devices, putting at least 45 smartphones forth with unlocking capabilities. The One X is an AT&T quirk that hopefully will not put HTC into a negative light. This may not affect the average smartphone user, but for those who like some personal style with their HTC handset, they will not be happy with the One X.
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