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For those who have already put in their pre-orders for the Wi-Fi only Motorola Xyboard tablet, good news...those tablets are now being shipped. For those who have not pre-ordered the Wi-Fi only Motorola Xyboard tablet, you can now purchase yours, here, at this link...http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US...th-WI-FI-US-EN (10.1 tablet) and http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US...ith-WIFI-US-EN (8.2 tablet)

Price of the 10.1 Motorola Xyboard is: 16 GB (for $499.99) and 32 GB (for $599.99) and for the Xyboard 8.2, price is $399.99 (16GB) and $499.99 for the 32GB.

via: http://cdn.motorola-2.com/us/en/moto...ail/index.html
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    andy88803 -
    Is anyone else having issues with their pre-order Xyboard? I pre-ordered and regret it! Worst customer service ever!!! I was excited for the delivery, only to be let DOWN by Motorola!! First the shipping date was bumped back-then still not received by due date. Only to find out orders have not even started to ship. I tried to cancel... Motorola said on Monday that the tablet has to ship first- to be returned and it would be out Fed-Ex Tuesday at the latest. It is Friday my Xyboard still hasn't shipped, I have called Motorola numerous times: I have been told it's due to Fed-Ex issues, I have been told that they didn't have enough product in..I have been told to call back during the hours of 8am-5pm and then I have been hung up on four times in transfers to try to cancel my order. This Xyboard seemed really sweet, but I really care about customer service- If Motorola is selling a product they should at least send the product or even give you updates on why you haven't received your order. For $399.99 upfront I sure would like some courtesy.

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