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The Motorola X phone – also known as the Moto X – is one of the aforementioned company's upcoming smartphone, aimed at changing the mobile game. Well, we will have to see about that once the handset goes on sale, but Motorola is indeed doing certain things a bit differently with the X. For starters, the gadget is being assembled in the States, and that's something that will definitely attract a lot of attention from US citizens. Second of all, the Moto X is said to offer a degree of customization higher than what we've gotten used to so far. It's not going to be anything too crazy like being able to customize the amount of RAM or the size of the display, but more colors and custom engravings are always welcomed.

Anyhow, the Moto X has been made pretty much official by Motorola via teasers, though the exact hardware specs have not really been revealed. Fortunately, a handful of recent leaks have given us a clearer view on what we might expect from this particular device.

First of all, there's the press render above, depicting the overall design of the smartphone. Based on these renders, the Moto X arrives with a very thin bezel and a texturized back panel which is curved and also accommodates the Motorola logo. In terms of software, the user interface looks very Google-like, with on-screen nav keys and a stock Jelly Bean clock.

As far as the hardware goes, another leak has given us a bit of insight in the matter. The Moto X bearing the model number XT1058 has been recently captured on camera, showing off the "About phone" screen. The leak has revealed that the Moto X packs a Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU clocked at 1.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage with no expandable storage, a 4.7 inch display featuring a resolution of 720 x 1280, a 10.5 MP main camera complemented by a 2.1 MP secondary camera, and a 2,200 mAh non-removable battery to keep everything up and running. The X also seems to run on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Additionally, the XT1058 seems to be AT&T's variant in the US, meaning that the carrier in question should definitely be one of the many mobile operators expected to offer this handset on their networks.

All in all, things are developing more or less as we've expected. The Moto X is not going to be the company's flagship phone, but it will be a very decent mid-range device which will be offered through other carriers aside from Verizon. It will deliver a decent degree of customization options, and if priced correctly, it could make create some waves.

The Moto X is expected to be officially unveiled on August 1st, so I suppose that most of our questions will be answered in about a week from now. Until then, feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on the matter. Would you be interested in buying the Moto X?

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