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During these past few months there have been rumors and leaks surrounding the mysterious "Motorola Moto G", and not too long ago the handset has been confirmed by the landing page that Motorola has set up for the device. But, more importantly, shortly after the aforementioned page went live, the company in question has made the device official and unveiled it during an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Spec-wise, the Moto G has been somewhat of a mystery device, simply because there were multiple theories passed around the blogosphere. But, now it's all been cleared up, and the Moto G features a 4.5 inch display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 and a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, a Snapdragon 400 quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, an Adreno 305 graphics chip, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 / 16 GB of internal storage with no possibility of expanding. However, the handset does come hand-in-hand with 50 GB of free Google Drive storage for two years.

The G is being powered by a 2,070 mAh battery, promising up to 14 hours of talk time. Motorola has emphasized greatly on the phone's ability to remain alive and kicking for an entire day. The handset measures 129.9 x 65.9 x 11.6 mm and weighs 143 grams. It also features a 5 MP main camera on the back boasting LED flash, HDR, panorama, slow motion video recording and burst mode, as well as a 1.3 MP secondary sensor.

As far as software goes, the Moto G will feature stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean out of the box, but Motorola's Punit Soni "guaranteed" that Android 4.4 KitKat will land on the G by January 2014.

The G also offers a fair degree of customization options that come in the form of removable back covers, called "Moto Shells". There are also the "Flip Shells", which come with a flip cover that protect the screen.

The biggest highlight of the device is definitely its price, as the Moto G will hit the market at the price of just $179 off-contract, for the 8 GB model. If you wish to get the 16 GB variant, you'll only need to pay an extra $20, for a total of $199.

Phones4U in the UK has already started offering the 8 GB Moto G for pre-order at the price of £119.95 + a £10 voucher on pay-as-you-go, and the 16 GB variant will set you back £149.95 alongside the same type of voucher. While a SIM-free model is not yet available for purchase, Phones4U has confirmed that the SIM-free 8 GB model will eventually hit the shelves at the price of £134.95.

Phones4U expects to have the gadget in-stores starting with November 15, and those of you who will pre-order the handset online can expect a delivery date of November 22.

Aside from the UK, the Moto G is expected to hit the market in Brazil and other parts of Europe, after which comes Latin America, parts of Asia and Canada. In India, the Middle East, other parts of Asia and in the US, the Moto X will hit the shelves in January.

In the US, Verizon has also made the Moto G's arrival official via Twitter, and revealed that the 4.5 inch gadget will be available for purchase in the earlier part of Q1 2014.

Would any of you be interested in buying this handset? It's not really a flagship, but we can't argue with that price! It is quite a deal.

Source: Phones4U
Via: Android Central (1 / 2 / 3)
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  1. KSDeputy's Avatar
    KSDeputy -
    I have a Motorola V3, with bluetooth. That is enough for me. If i bought a smartphone, it would have to be a Motorola. I know the company has been sold, but I have used their products for 35 years, and they have worked all the time under trying conditions. I hope the new owners remember that, and keep up the tradition.

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  1. edwinjarvis's Avatar
    edwinjarvis -
    Don't know about features of this cell......
  1. MaceyJ's Avatar
    MaceyJ -
    It has low end specs but for the price is considered to be the bargain of the year.
  1. Ryon Wilson's Avatar
    Ryon Wilson -
    I bought a Motorola G for Christmas and I am not disappointed .I went back to the Motorola site to get another however the "add to cart" button doesn't work for phones or the accessories . The text on the site is some what miss aligned also. I hope they are just temporarily out of stock and not marrying this phone to the carriers
    Please Motorola we need bargain unlocked phones in our lives. Let the people have the power
  1. Srk Jony's Avatar
    Srk Jony -
    Thanks admin for share this article.
  1. scroggrj's Avatar
    scroggrj -
    Purchased a Republic Wireless Moto G with 16MB storage a month ago. Works great! Ported (transferred) my existing AT&T cell phone number last week. Took only two days for the port to complete, both Voice and Data. Great service in my house via my existing WIFI. Great service not on WIFI also for Voice and Messaging in my area. Bluetooth also works great with my Chrysler Uconnect to answer incoming calls and initiate outgoing calls.

    If you want to go with Republic, use the below code and receive a $20.00 credit on your monthly bill.


    I also get a $20.00 credit on my monthly bill if you use the above link, so please consider using it as it is an advantage for both of us. If you will, let me know that you use the link please.

    Republic has three different calling plans as follows.
    A $5.00 per month for unlimited Voice, Messaging and Data on WIFI only.
    A $10.00 per month plan for unlimited Voice, Messaging and Data on WIFI and unlimited Voice and Messaging while not on WIFI.
    A$ 20.00 per month plan for unlimited Voice, Messaging, and Data while on WIFI and while not on WIFI.
    While not on WIFI, the phone uses Sprint, so check you Spring coverage in your area to make sure you will have service when not on WIFI.

    I use the $10.00 per month plan.

    If you have any questions or problems relating to the above link, please let me know. If you have questions regarding Republic Wireless or the Motorola Moto G, please ask.

    Again phone is great.
  1. Ketul Patel's Avatar
    Ketul Patel -
    i like moto g 2nd generation.....awesome feature in this phone...
    get latest here
    technotips . in
  1. kickah's Avatar
    kickah -
    Moto g 2nd gen has nearly same hardware as first Moto g. Both prepaid, and they are both nearly most expensive prepaid phones unless you purchase it through bestbuy with contract (about $40/month). Because contract enrollment may get Mogo g 2gen at about $40 today.
  1. Anna081's Avatar
    Anna081 -
    very nice phone
  1. largokill's Avatar
    largokill -
    Quote Originally Posted by Srk Jony View Post
    Thanks admin for share this article.
  1. sim-unlock.net's Avatar
    sim-unlock.net -
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  1. James Oley's Avatar
    James Oley -
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  1. fitchook's Avatar
    fitchook -
    It was nice that time. What a pity!
  1. devicereset's Avatar
    devicereset -
    Thanks admin for share this article.
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