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Se amate il potere e gli smartphone, HTC aggiornato appena che cosa era già un telefono"super". Si chiama il HTC X One LTE. It gets a few new chips over the One X that make it an "ultra phone" of sorts. There is no new design to the LTE model, the only differences are on the inside. This smartphone is expected to be a competitor to the Samsung Note.

Tecnologia mai prende una pausa. HTC non ha stato sentito di gran parte fino a quando il loro smartphone mostro si presentò al MWC quest'anno. È ormai chiaro che erano al lavoro durante la loro breve tempo di silenzio. Il HTC One X LTE is expected to be faster than the EVO 4G of two years ago. The screen is larger and the processors are also more stalwart than the EVO. Since most folks get a yearning for a new handset every two years, this LTE model should go over like gangbusters.

The screen for the HTC One X LTE is a strapping 4.7 inches of digital real estate. Compare that to the new Samsung Galaxy Nota with a display of 5.3 inches. Also compare it with the iPhone 4S, which has a three and a half inch screen. The One X handset has nothing to be ashamed of in the screen area except for the fact that it is still using the old TFT technology. The people at Samsung are using AMOLED in their flagship smartphones. This type of screen is both brighter and uses less energy per square inch. There is no manual keyboard for this LTE model. All texting is going to be done on the virtual keyboard.

This HTC smartphone is running the latest version of Android, called "Ice Cream Sandwich". This is the version that is supposed to do away with the fragmentation problem that plagues developers and users alike. It is able to handle NFC "contactless" payments, but there is no indicator that the HTC One X LTE has the extra chip needed to make it complete. NFC is similar to RFID chips that have been used in stores like Walmart for years.

The difference in the processors from the HTC One X LTE smartphone and the earlier HTC One X is the defining difference between the two. That, and the fact that the LTE model has the AT&T logo on the back. The One X uses a Nvidia Tegra 3 and this LTE version uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960. The first chip is a quad core and the second is a dual core model. It is the latest in the 28 nanometer league of processors. This is smaller, for now, than Samsung and their Exynos processors.

Uno svantaggio allo smartphone HTC è che ci non sta per essere qualsiasi memoria esterna rimovibile. Non c'è 32 Gigabyte di memoria interna per lavorare con, ma nessun slot per schede di memoria flash potrebbe essere "deal breaker" per alcuni. La versione precedente non ha anche slot per scheda. In caso contrario, lo smartphone viene in una splendida versione bianca e dovrebbe essere disponibile un momento prossimo mese.
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    Ya, penso anche che questo smartphone dovrebbe essere un concorrente della nota della Samsung. Grazie per il contributo di queste informazioni.

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