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Will the United Kingdom be on the verge of getting a "joker" of a deal on a new Nokia Lumia 900? This latest offering of this model from the failing company brings back memories of the "Batphone". That is what is emblazoned on the back of the plastic covering of the Lumia 900, a Batman sign from the movies.

To prop up a dying company, there needs to be some drastic connections made. Batman is a figure known around the world as a love-deprived individual seeking to support vigilantism on his own or with his sidekick. Nokia is known as a great maker of feature phones. But they are seeking to keep their smartphone business going with this new connection with a HOLLYWOOD hero. The Nokia Lumia 900 is of course going to be offered in conjunction with the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises" movie this Summer. The 900 will accompany the extremely limited edition Lumia 800 Batman edition.

The United Kingdom is not the only place to get a Nokia Lumia 900 "Batman Edition". Rogers carrier in Canada has been seen with the Dark Knight inspired version on their web site. The 900 was seen just briefly before being removed, but the price was set at $100 dollars. That is with a three year contract, as Rogers likes to issue. Rogers has also offering a contest and prizes to those who are interested in the distinctive smartphone. A trip to the movies is included in the grand prize. A private viewing of the upcoming Batman movie is going to be given to the winner. Along with the movie will be cokes, popcorn, swag bags, and a Nokia Lumia 900 with the Batman logo Laser inscribed on the back. The grand prize is said to be worth nearly $2000 dollars.

A relatively unknown distributor in the United Kingdom, "Phones4U" is the chosen channel for the Nokia Lumia 900 Batman Edition. It is not going to have "super powers" of any kind. It will come with the same Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system as the regular models. The processor will be the respectable 1.4 gigahertz chip from Qualcomm. The display will be 4.3 inches of AMOLED digital real estate. The same dual LED flash camera will be on the back to accompany the Batman logo. All in all, this Nokia smartphone may end up being a collector's edition if the promoters have their way. The date for release is obviously going to be before the movie gets to market. That will be sometime next month.
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