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With the Samsung Galaxy S3 being a few hours away from launching in Europe, one of the remaining questions is when exactly will Samsung's flagship handset hit the US shores?

It's quite obvious that after the SGS3 event held in London at the beginning of May everyone knew that the next-gen Galaxy will be available for purchase in the US sometime in June. Nevertheless, Samsung has not revealed any concrete information concerning an exact date, and to be honest, who can blame them? Truth be told, in the US the carriers are more often than not slowing down the launch of devices, but I digress.

The good news is that according to TmoNews sources we might be able to get our hands on the T-Mobile 16 and 32 GB blue Samsung Galaxy S3 starting June 20th. As for the 16 GB white version, a July 11th is expected if we're to believe the rumor.

However, the good news doesn't stop here. Besides the highly anticipated Galaxy S3 we might also get to see the Samsung Galaxy Note in T-Mobile stores starting July 11th. The idea is that At&T's limited exclusivity over the Galaxy Note is going to come to an end by the end of May so chances are we're going to see the phablet pop-up on the shelves of other carriers as well. Judging by what we've heard so far, T-Mobile is the one that takes a great interest in doing so.

Furthermore, word around the campfire is that both the Huawei Phoenix and Huawei Buddy are also expected to hit the shelves on the same date as the Galaxy Note, under the "myTouch" signature.

Unfortunately, at this early stage there's no information concerning the pricing of any of these gadgets, but we'll keep you up to date as soon as the story develops. Overall, we'd be quite happy if T-Mobile intends on offering a wider range of handsets by the end of July.

Source: TmoNews http://www.tmonews.com/2012/05/upcom...touch-devices/
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