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T-Mobile customers that are also Apple enthusiasts have been pretty disappointed last year, when the iPhone 5 has been released on every major US carrier except for Magenta. Fortunately though, at the beginning of the year, the carrier in question has announced that the iPhone 5 will eventually arrive on T-Mobile's shelves sometime by the end of 2013.

Anyhow, the even greater news is that more quite recently, T-Mobile has finally spilled the beans and has announced the exact release date and price-tag of the iPhone 5 on its network. As such, you'll be able to buy Apple's flagship smartphone starting with April 12.

As for pricing, the iPhone 5 will arrive alongside T-Mobile's newest Simple Choice plans. This means that you'll need to pay $99 up-front and an additional $20 each month for 24-months. The best and most interesting thing about Simple Choice plans however, is that after the full price of the smartphone has been fully paid (and you can pay it whenever you wish), the user has the option to end the contract at any time.

Simple Choice plans vary in price from $50 to $60 and $70. Each one of the three choices includes 500 MB of free tethering, as well as unlimited talk, text and data. The main difference however, is that while the $70 agreement will deliver unlimited full-speed data, with the $50 and $60 plans data allowance speeds will be throttled to 2G after you exceed the 500 MB or 2.5 GB limit respectively.

Is anyone interested in buying the iPhone 5 at T-Mobile, or do you think it's too late? Keep in mind that both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are also going to go on sale soon at Magenta, and both handsets will arrive alongside roughly the same Simple Plans as the iPhone 5.

Are you willing to buy Apple's finest? Or are you more interested in the best of Android?

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