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A couple of days ago I wrote a news article regarding the Moto Maker customization website, and the fact that it went live, supporting the Moto X on all of the four US carriers.

Interestingly enough, today I've stumbled across some good news for Verizon customers (existing or soon-to-become) as the Moto X on the aforementioned carrier's network has just received a limited-time discount. The good news is that the customized variant of the phone is subject to the same price cut, so if you do happen to plan on purchasing a customized Moto X via Verizon, then this is probably the right time to do it.

The carrier is now offering the device at the price of $49 on-contract, and the offer stands until November 18, so you'd better hurry. You can pick up the handset from Verizon or through the Moto X Moto Maker website, and you'll find both source links below. Any takers?

Sources: Verizon / Motorola Moto Maker
Via: Android Central
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    Thats good.
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    Nice cost performance!
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