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    Alright guys and gals...I have a LG LX5450 phone with a link below for a picture reference...even though I'm sure you all are familiar with it


    Anyways to my "problem"...I hate not being able to receive a good signal on my LG...when I look at the menu I am getting one bar to show up (out of 5 I think) and about half the time it is in Digital mode and half the time it is in Analog mode...and on occasion I get no service (pretty rare comparetively)...but I would like to be able to receive and make phone calls without it cutting out...sometimes when I pick it up when someone is calling and go to press Send it says "missed call"...the signal isn't good enough to connect I was really looking to get a cell phone because of the independence of my own line without actually hooking up a line...I live kind of on a base of a mountain (technically a hill) here in Arkansas and that allows for the poor signal...is their any upgrades or extensions or anything that will give me a better signal or better than it currently is? Any tips? I can go outside on my porch and I can sometimes get two bars if that helps pinpoint anything or another idea...but it is cold outside

    Oh and I get good signals in good signal areas...so obviously as you know it isn't the phone...just the ability/area to get a signal...

    You all would make my day/month/year if you help me out here



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    Hate to tell you David BUT it goes with the Cell world.

    I travel by car alot and have to have 3 different carriers for total coverage and (of course) it's a unlocked phone.

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