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    When it comes to memes, the twitter nft memes does not disappoint. As a community based around blockchain art and internet culture, things can and often do change on a dime. From 48-hour long crypto crashes to celebrities aping into projects at random, there’s always something to talk about in the NFT space.

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    Re: NFT space

    I want to start earning on nft please help me find a good service with which I can learn how to do it correctly. I hope that with the help of your advice I will be able to invest my money wisely

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    Re: NFT space

    Hello everyone, since the beginning of last year, I was interested in the question of what NFT is and how to make money on it. I read a fairly large amount of information on the Internet and studied this topic, but unfortunately this information turned out to be useless for me. I recently found one great website where absolutely anyone new to the subject can get into the NFT space so I'll leave the URL HERE. After all, I am sure that this information will be very useful to you.

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    Re: NFT space

    Howdy all! Guys, if you really want to get wise to blockhain stuff, I’ve got some useful source dedeicated to a special nft marketplace like opesea from which you could successfully benefit! Believe me or not, but it will shape your perception of the digital currency problem in a minute! You are welcome!

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    Re: NFT space

    I still cannot understand what is the nft... Feel stupid)

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