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    So just quickly I am not looking for technical advice on my problem. Basically we were supposed to have a clean loop system of pex in our slab, the bathrooms are taking over 2 minutes to get cold water too because of some recirc pump issue(again, not looking to talk about my plumbing).

    My question is this: Both the builder and the plumbers admit they messed up with the long run. Their solution is to run a pex line in the attic(the house is done btw and lived in), and wrap it with heat tape. Should I ask for compensation due to the fact that I paid for a clean system in the slab that just worked and now I have to deal with pex potentially freezing(very cold climate) and janky heat tape on a battery? I now must also deal with explaining this in terms of resale value to anyone that my plumbing is a joke and have fun with the heat tape battery and praying your pex doesnt freeze because my builder was an idiot.

    Should I take them to court and demand compensation for screwing this up. Is it enough that they "fix" it by doing, what I consider to be, this really stupid solution of running pex and heat tape in the attic after the fact?

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    Re: Should I get a lawyer? (pex in the attic)

    You won't get any help in court, especially when the builder and plumber offer to re-do the plumbing line.
    Plumbing lines in attics are common practice FYI.

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    Re: Should I get a lawyer? (pex in the attic)

    Understandably, you're frustrated with the situation and concerned about potential resale value. Before jumping into legal action, consider a few things. Firstly, try having an open conversation with the builder and plumbers. Express your concerns and see if they can provide a more satisfactory solution. They may be willing to compensate you in some way. Secondly, think about the time, effort, and cost involved in pursuing legal action. Also, consider getting a professional opinion from a lawyer like https://www.familienrecht-ratgeber.com/de/scheidungsanwalt/fachanwalt-scheidung-muenchen.html/. They can evaluate your case and provide personalized advice.

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